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End-of-line packaging solution

End-of-line packaging solution

End of line solution

Final step in your production process, our end of line solution ensures the case filing of your products and their palletization.  

Your products are loaded safely at high speed to optimize your production.  

Automate Your Packing Process and Maximize your Productivity  

Efficient and highly productive, our custom-made solution can: 

  • Form your Cases 
  • Load your products 
  • Close your cases 

Our solution is custom-made to adapt to your products and to your lines. To best meet your needs, our experts design a highly versatile system able to adapt to various cases:  

  • Opened/closed cases 
  • Tenon boxes 
  • American cases 
  • Flowpack/Doypack 
  • Mixed case 
  • Trays (with or without drawers) 
  • Wrap-around case 
  • Precut case 
  • Bottles case 
  • Specific  

Simplify your Case Filing

To suit all kinds of containers, our solution has magazines for empty crates folded flat, and conveyors for the outfeed of crates to palletizers.  

To fill your cases, our solution is equipped of poly articulated robots and grippers.  

To best meet your needs, we offer two grippers solution:  

  • The Mechanical grippers eliminate random placements and provide you with a stable and compact pallet. It supports your products from below and drops them onto the pallet thanks to its pneumatic forks.   
  • The Venturi grippers allows fast integration on robots, directly implanted on the gripper it generates a suction flow thanks to the expansion of compressed air.  
Venturi gripper

Optimize Your Palletization

Once your products are manufactured and crated, they are ready to be shipped to your distribution channels.  

Our robotic palletizing system boost your production process and simplify your daily  operations.  

Thanks to our user-friendly software, easily program palletizing according to the size of the box. Designed to help you optimize your process, it loads most products onto a pallet with little to no empty space. It ensures a perfect operation of your palletizing machine with no overflow.  

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