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Cherry Tomatoes Counter

Cherry Tomatoes Counter

Our highly flexible our cherry tomato counting solution adapts to your products and ensures the distribution of your bulk cherry tomatoes in a perfectly ordered, controlled, and timed manner.  

It works in unit distribution, product dropped on the fly or in batch distribution with a drop hopper.

Capable of working in full autonomy, it does not require the presence of operators and can distribute up to 21,600 products/hour.

Maximize your Production by Counting your Products in Full Autonomy

Equipped with an integrated storage hopper, the VELEC PA800 is able to work in full autonomy. It counts and brings your products automatically to the distribution trays, thanks to a level detection in each tray.

Highly versatile, it adapts to your conditioning:

  • Counting and bagging
  • Counting and canning
  • Loading into thermoforming machine

Gain in Efficiency with a Solution Custom-made to Adapt to your Production Specificities

Highly flexible, our solution offers the following features:

  • Single or double disc
  • Multiproduct machine with interchangeable plates
  • Hopper storage capacity
  • Single or multiple outputs hopper

Optimize your Operations with its Ergonomic and Compact Design

Designed to be at ground level, our solution can be installed in the narrowest spaces. It guarantees easy maintenance and cleaning. Safe and easy to use for your operators, your maintenance and cleaning operations are optimized.

PA800 V1

Increase your OEE Thanks to our Hygienic Design Solutions!

It’s has been designed to be as easy to clean as possible. It is dismantled without tools to simplify and maximize your cleaning operations. We are Compliant and exceed the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).


100% stainless steel and
IP69K (motors, gears, sensors,…) solution.

  • Hygienic Design+ finish:
    Microblasting (ra : 6,4)


Equipment at human height for easy access, monitoring and sanitation.

  • Automation of the cleaning process with our Cleaning-in-Place system.


Open and incline structure to avoid retention area.

  • No hollow tubing on all our equipment.

saving water and hygiene products

Up to 50% reduction in your water consumption and disinfection products thanks to CIP.

Possibility to set up your own cleaning sequence (hot water, foam, sanitizer).

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