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Tray Feeder

Tray Feeder

Benefit From A High Speed Solution, Custom-Made to Adapt to Your Production Specificities. Designed and developed to align a bulk of disordered products at high speed into a continuous orderly flow.  The complete line is made of an elevator with storage hopper, a VELEC single or double head for counting products, an output hopper, a conveyor belt for trays. 

Our solution is based on centrifugal force, highly versatile and user-friendly. It is able to reach up to 5,000 products/min.  

Our systems can load trays automatically, offering unrivalled precision and reliability. Whether you handle trays of different sizes, shapes or materials, our solutions are flexible and adapt to your specifications. What’s more, our systems can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Custom-made to fit your production requirements, the VELEC centrifugal machine adapts to your products! 

Benefit from its “high speed counting” option to enhance your production. The centrifugal machine counts each product to constitute predefined batches, with a screen displaying the number of units as it goes to help you keep track. 

Increase Your Production with a Versatile, High-speed Solution that Adapts to Your Needs

Your products, whether fragile, wet or dry, align themselves thanks to centrifugal force. They are neither broken nor damaged. With no loss of raw material, you maximize your OEE. The complete production line comprises an elevator with storage hopper, a centrifugal machine with single or double head to count your products, an output hopper and a tray infeed conveyor.

Take advantage of a high-speed counting option to optimize your production. The VELEC centrifugal machine counts your products and forms precise batches using predefined recipes. A display shows the number of products counted, allowing you to monitor production in real time.

Simplify Your Production Process Thanks to Its Compact Size and Ergonomic Design

The VELEC centrifugal machine fits into the tightest spaces. At ground level, it allows easy supervision, maintenance and access, helping to simplify your production process.

Increase your OEE Thanks To the Highest level of Hygiene in your Plant

It’s has been designed to be as easy to clean as possible. It is dismantled without tools to simplify and maximize your cleaning operations. We are Compliant and exceed the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).


100% stainless steel and
IP69K (motors, gears, sensors,…) solution

  • Hygienic Design+ finish:
    Microblasting (ra : 6,4


Equipment at human height for easy access, monitoring and sanitation.

  • Automation of the cleaning process with our Cleaning-in-Place system


Open and incline structure to avoid retention area

  • No hollow tubing on all our equipment

saving water and hygiene products

Up to 50% reduction in your water consumption and and disinfection products thanks to CIP.

Possibilty to set up your own cleaning sequence (hot water, foam, sanitizer).

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