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Oven Loading and Unloading

Oven Loading and Unloading

Loading sausages from a stuffing line into your continuous ovens and cooking trolleys is time consuming and exhausting for your operators.

Our automatic loading system is designed to meet the specific challenges encountered in the meat processing industry. Designed to facilitate your operators’ daily life and optimize your production, our oven loading solutions help you load and unload your sausages loops while minimizing your MSD risks. It is capable of handling sausage strings gently, loading them precisely into cooking equipment such as ovens and carts, and positioning them optimally for even, rapid cooking.

VELEC Systems offers a customized oven loading and unloading solution. Your sausage strings are loaded onto bars from a stuffing line and automatically placed on your continuous cooking, smoking and cooling lines. Our two systems can also be used to unload your products onto multiple conveyors.

Use a Solution 100% Fit to Your Products and Needs

Our solutions work with various types of sausage loops and is compatible with a wide range of trolley designs and rod shapes (round, star or omega).

Designed to answer to your production requirements, our solutions are custom-made to adapt fully to your needs.

Offer an Easy-To-Use Solution for Your Operators and Enhance Your Production Goal

Our HMI are as user-friendly as your smartphone. Available in all languages on demand, our HMI helps you pilot, monitor, and supervise your loading and unloading process.

Customized HMI

Don’t wait any longer to improve your production line, optimize your processes and increase your competitiveness. Join us in the age of food automation with our robotized sausage string loading solution.

Contact us today to find out more about our solution and how it can transform your business.

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