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Salami line

Because each salami manufacturer has its own plant, with its own constraints, and its own specific product, VELEC Systems designs the most flexible solution, easy to adapt and customized to each production site, each product and each production rate.

Our strategy is very clear: work hard upstream to design with the existing component the most versatile line to make your life easier and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Our salami packing line helps you optimize your production. With our equipment designed using Hygienic Design techniques, we maximize the hygiene of your plant and increase your machine availability. To ensure that this area of your process is as hygienic as possible, our experts have focused all their know-how to make the VELEC salami loader the most hygienic solution available on the market.

Every detail of our VELEC equipment meets and exceeds the recommendations of the meat industry and the best practices of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).

Benefit from an Intuitive, Versatile Solution Tailored to your Products

To meet your needs, our solution loads all types of salami, in all types of boxes and in all directions (parallel, perpendicular and multilayer).

Thanks to predefined recipes and removable grippers, quick and easy changeover is possible.

At Velec, we know that every company has unique requirements and preferences.

Our salami production line offers unrivalled versatility and customization options, enabling you to meet the diverse demands of the market.

Types of productsSalami
Diameter45 to 90mm
Length100 to 350 mm
OutputUp to 20 000 products/hour

Optimize Your Production with Delicate Equipment and a Complete Control System

Our salami production line is designed to dramatically speed up your operations and enable you to easily respond to market demands. By eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing manual labor, our solution maximizes productivity and improves efficiency, saving you valuable time and resources.

Our loading solution preserves the shape and texture of your products. Our salami production line ensures that the exceptional quality of your salami is preserved throughout the process. From the moment they are dried and packaged, our advanced technology and precise control maintains the perfect texture, taste and flavor of your salamis until they reach your customers plates. Perfectly adapted to your products, it causes no damage and no production waste.

To boost your production, our quality control system ejects non-compliant products (shape, diameter, length, etc.) to create perfect batches. You can also benefit from default statistics to target your next quality plans.


Take Advantage of a Remote Assistance to Maximize Your Machines Uptime

Interactive assistance is possible thanks to integrated remote access via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or SIM card. The 360° camera control option enables you to establish a direct connection with our experts, who will guide you in restoring your line. You save on travel costs for our teams.

Simplify Your Teams’ Day-to-day Work with a Secure, Ergonomic and Intuitive Solution

Easily pilot, control and supervise the Velec salami loader thanks to a simple, intuitive HMI. It is available in several languages on request.
Our solution gives you an optimized production line, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability, thanks to automated controls and intelligent sensors that optimize production flow, and user-friendly interfaces that simplify operation and maintenance.

All our equipments are at ground level, with no stairs or platforms, all operations are kept to a minimum. We have designed the ergonomics of our workstations to minimize the risk of RSI. Control, monitor and supervise the VELEC salami loader with ease, thanks to a simple, intuitive HMI. Our HMI is available in all languages on request. Operator interaction is minimal, and has been designed for optimum ergonomics.

Finally, the VELEC salami machine’s HMI is as intuitive as your smartphone, providing access to all kinds of information, including videos showing how to disassemble and clean the line.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to study your project and help you optimize your salami production process.

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