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Volumetric Dosing

Volumetric Dosing

The MULTI-FILL volumetric dosing solutions, distributed by VELEC Systems have designed three solutions to best suit your production rates and meet your needs:

  • Semi-automatic pocket filling solution MPFMP-060.
  • Automatic volumetric dosing solution MPFSC-075.
  • Automatic volumetric dosing solution MPFSC-120.

You can learn all about Multi-Fill’s machines on their website:

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Compatible with Various Applications

Our solutions are also designed to be compatible with a wide variety of container conveying systems, continuous or intermittent, for vertical or horizontal bagging of cans, cartons, plates, jars…

Technical specifications

  • Dismantable without tools
  • Minimum number of moving parts
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Possibility to make adjustments while the machine is running

Compatible with a Large Range of Products

They allow a precise and orderly distribution of your portions for a wide range of products:

  • Cooked rice and pasta
  • Sliced vegetables and fruits
  • Salads
  • Cereals
  • Surimi, shrimp and cut meats

Technical Specifications

Made of stainless steel (NEMA 4X IP66), the enclosure is compartmentalized to isolate electrical cables, water control and operating components.
Specially designed to allow quick upgrade to the MPFSC-120 model.

Hygienic Design

Developed in compliance with the guidelines of major regulatory bodies such as ANDI, FDA, USDA and CE.

Our solutions are completely designed in stainless steel (NEMA 4X, IP66). Cleaning is quick and easy with minimal moving parts, a tilting hopper, hinged bracket, tilting drip pans and quick belt release.

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