High speed counting, loading & packing solutions
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Packing solution

Automated case packing solutions

Companies need efficient and highly productive equipment to increase their production efficiency.

Velec’s engineers have developed a unique, efficient and reliable custom solution.

  • Formation of the box
  • Loading of products
  • Closing the box

In order to protect and transport the product, VELEC machines fill the products very carefully into different types of boxes.
Our case packing machine surrounds the primary packaging and operates at the end of the line.
It can also be used as a communication area.

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Automation of picking and handling

Today, food, industrial and pharmaceutical companies are facing fierce competition. The optimization of the picking, depositing and sorting steps not only allows you to optimize your production process, but also to be flexible in your development to stay ahead of the competition. To go even further, it is possible to use sensor systems and intelligent visual detection.

End of line automation

End-of-line automation improves your flexibility and allows you to react quickly to changes in packaging, storage and logistics. Packing, labeling and palletizing require repetitive and difficult work that can easily be done by automated systems to achieve excellent results at a lower cost. Automated boxing and palletizing by robot facilitates the transfer of heavy loads.

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